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Office # 24, 1st Floor, Top City Plaza, Haripur, KPK.


Dr. Muhammad Jahangir

Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O)

Dr. Muhammad Jahangir is the chairman for PSQCA Technical Committee on Halal Conformity Assessment. Additionally his inputs are also sought by Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) for standards related to various food systems, mainly for Pakistan Halal Standards and related requirements. Dr. Jahangir is Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O.) of Halal Assessment & Certification Institute Pvt. Ltd. (estb. 2010), which was the first established Halal Certification organization in Pakistan at the time of its registration. Dr. Jahangir visited a number of countries for Halal auditing of a national and multinational companies and played his role as lead auditor.

Dr. Muhammad Jahangir has done his PhD under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Rob. Verpoorte, from Natural Product Laboratory, Leiden University, The Netherlands in May 2010 and continued Postdoc in the same University. In addition to his studies, he also worked for multiple years as International Halal auditor in Halal Feed & Food Inspection Authority, The Netherlands. In addition to his main job as auditor, Dr. Jahangir was also assigned the task of linkages development and so he was among the participants of first meeting of European Halal Certifiers Association in Germany. Before going for PhD, he worked in Salman’s corporation Pvt. Ltd., Qarshi Industries Pvt. Ltd. and others.

Soon after coming back to Pakistan, he joined Hazara University and then The University of Haripur as Associate Professor (Food Sciences). He is heading FoodOmics research group at The University of Haripur. His main area of research expeditions includes the exploration of medicinal plants for acetylcholinesterase inhibitory activity, natural product development and related.

In addition to his main responsibilities of teaching & research as Associate Professor (Food Sciences), Dr. Jahangir was the founding in-charge of the Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) and presently working as Director of Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC). He is also a member and/or convener of various official committees in The University of Haripur.

He is well-known for his expertise in research, innovation, commercialization and business incubation. He did presentations in various national and international conferences and seminars, whereas joined a number of trainings in various countries around the world (including; Pakistan, The Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Indonesia, USA and others). Furthermore he has research publications in peer-reviewed journals, having total impact factor of above 48, citations of his work are above 733 and total h-index 12. Among others, he authored a review commentary entitled as “Halal status of ingredients after physicochemical alteration (Istihalah)”, in Trends in Food Science & Technology (Impact Factor: 5.191). He is also a reviewer of various national and international journals of well repute.

Ulama Board

Mufti Dr Junaid Akbar


Mufti Shafqat Mehmood

Shahadat ul Almiyya fil uloom -ul-Arabia Wal Islamia

Mufti Iftikhar Ahmed

 Shahadat ul Almiyya fil uloom-ul-Arabia Wal Islamia

List of Auditors/Trainers

Dr .Muhammad Jahangir

Associate Professor, Department of Food Sciences & Technology, The University of Haripur

Dr. Saifullah Sahir

Associate Professor, Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Sciences & Engineering, University of Karachi

Dr. Muhammad Tayyab Akhtar

Assistant Professor, Government College University Lahore.

Shahid Rashid


Dr. Malik Muhammad Hashim

Assistant Professor, Department of Food Sciences & Technology, Gomal University .D. I Khan

Dr. Syed Muhammad Gufran Saeed

Assistant Professor, Department of Food Sciences, University of Karachi

Dr. Danish Ali

Post Graduate Trainee (Nephrology) Khyber Teaching Hospital, Peshawar

F. Mehboob

PhD (Microbiologist)

Dr Zafar Mehmood


Dr Zafar Mehmood


Dr Niaz Muhammad


Dr Malik Muhammad Hashim


Dr Rehmat Zaman


Admin Staff

Ms. Taiba Saeed Khan

Director Education & Social Works

Ms. Amna Javed

MBA, Manager Operations

Umme Aiman

BBA, Social Media Executive

Ghuncha Riaz

MS Biotechnology, Certification Officer

Mr. Waqas Munir

Software Engineer, IT Developer