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Appeal Handling Procedure

The Appellant/Complainant will address the appeal/complaint to HACI. The appeal complaint process is also available on website. The appeal/complaint should provide relevant information like Name, designation of the Appellant/Complainant, Name of Organization, Valid mailing Address and location, Contact numbers, email etc. Verbal appeal complaints are not entertained.

CEO ensures that the persons engaged in the Appeals/Complaints handling process are different from those who carried out the audit of the client or involved in the certification decision. CEO will nominate the MO or other concerned officer. The receipt of appeal will be acknowledged. The progress will be informed by the MO or concerned officer.  MO/ concerned officer will forward the appeal to Chairman Impartiality Committee. The three member committee will handle the appeal. The appeal committee will have at least one Shariah expert. The committee may give the opportunity to the appellant to present his/her appeal in person.

The committee analyze the nature and details of appeal, validates, investigates the appeal and decides the actions/decision to be taken in response to it taking into account results of previous similar appeals during the evaluation. The committee will give decision/recommendations. The MO/ concerned officer will informs the progress and outcome/result to appellant and will take the correction and corrective actions if any. MO concerned officer will gives formal notice to the Appellant at the end of the appeal handling process.

TORs for Appeal Handling Committee:

The Appellant Committee is derived from the members of the Impartiality Committee, thus the competence of members of the Appellant Committee is the same as Impartiality Committee, as defined in the Procedure for Impartiality Management. Chairman of the Impartiality Committee is selected from amongst the committee members at the commencement of each session, and is valid till next meeting. If appeal is against CEO he will not be part of committee. The Committee is responsible for receiving the appeal, validating the appeal, investigation, decision and actions.

Appeal Form