O people, eat from what is on the earth as good and lawful. Holy Quran (2:168)
Office # 24, 1st Floor, Top City Plaza, Haripur, KPK.

Establishment of Halal Assessment & Certification Institute Pvt. Ltd.

HEC scholar Mr. Muhammad Jahangir has completed his PhD from Leiden University, TheNetherlands under “Overseas Scholarship Scheme for MS/MPhil Leading to PhD in SelectedFields. Besides studies, Dr. Jahangir was also engaged for more than two years with Halal Feed and Food Inspection Authority (HFFIA), The Netherlands, as Halal Auditor in and out EuropeanUnion. After his return from The Netherlands, he along with a group of HEC scholars hasestablished Halal Assessment and Certification Institute in Pakistan (www.halal.org.pk), whosemain focus is halal assessment and certification of food, feed cosmetics, pharmaceutical andother consumer products.


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